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Experience IQTM and Protect IQTM Enjoy total control of your entire home network ALL from ONE FREE app Experience IQTM What is Experience IQ A service that protects children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content limits screen time on devices or applications and displays online usage through our enhanced parental control app Protect IQTM What is Protect IQ A network level security service that protects ALL devices connected to your Wi Fi If it s connected it s protected MY WI FI App User Name App Password Wi Fi Name SSID Wi Fi Password BEACON11 22270_BeaconHome Brochure indd 1 BEACON HOME A simple way to manage your Wi Fi at the tip of your finger Control Every Aspect Of Your Connected Home FIND OUR APP PO Box 999 Brookings OR 97415 541 254 9265 beaconbroadband com 6 7 2023 11 09 09 AM

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GETTING STARTED WITH BEACON HOME SET UP Set up your whole system in less than one minute Connect The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices Secure Internet speed testing Put your connection to the test Protect Set up Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease Enable Create multiple networks Create a separate network just for your office or guests Create New Networks Great for children offices and guests Press the icon in the top right hand corner of the screen Select your choice from the drop down menu If you need faster internet select 5g If you need a network that can travel further in your house and speed isn t super important select the 2 4g internet Create a password press save and you have a brand new network separate from your main one Monitor Your Networks Check your upload and download speeds with a bandwidth test this is also viewable on the network tab without the need to enter it Security Keep an eye on viruses attempting to enter your network with the security button Beacon Broadband has included ProtectIQ to keep your network and all your devices safe Default Restrictions Set default restrictions on your network that block access to unwanted websites content and apps Restrictions will not work if the device isn t connected to your network Your installers will help you download the app and do the initial set up Bill pay not available on the BEACON HOME app Pay your bill at https mybroadbandaccount com beaconbroadband BEACON11 22270_BeaconHome Brochure indd 2 0523 22270 Individual Devices People and Places Each device in your home has its own unique application Whether it s entertainment work security or to make life more convenient You should be able to personalize your network settings as well Make your internet work for YOUR home Assign Devices to People Press the sign in the top right hand corner Customize profile by name picture and devices they use Once that is created click the name you just created and from there you can add restrictions and time limits Label Devices by Room Click on the button in the top right hand corner Name the room according to what you call it Press Add Select the devices in the room Example Living roomTV streaming device smart lamps gaming console Name Set Restrictions by Device The easiest way to name a device is to click on it as soon as you add it to the network otherwise you ll be left with a screen full of random devices and some IP addresses To name a device press the IP address displaying on the screen Example 192 168 35 4 Press the pencil icon in the top right corner Change the name to the device name While here you can also assign this to a person 6 7 2023 11 09 11 AM

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