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Advanced Features Guide

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2When you turn on your Set-top box with Beacon Broadband video, the first screen you will see is the home screen. From here you will access everything including the Channel Guide, Search, Recordings and more!With your new Beacon Broadband video product, we wanted to share some tips on the features we offer that are included in every package, with no additional cost to you!**Subject to look different depending on streaming and TV Brand**FIND SOMETHING TO WATCHWatch Live TVYou have a couple options for watching LiveTV with the Set-top box or app you signed up for. You can select a program from the home screen, from the guide, or jump right in by selecting Live TV from the menu bar.Watch a Program from the Home ScreenFrom the home screen, you can view programs that are Trending Now or your most recent recordings. Then select the program you want to watch to get started. (Note the progress bar beneath the program poster for trending content.)GETTING TO KNOW YOUR

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3Watch a Program from the GuideTo access the Guide, on the home screen, select GUIDE icon.Navigating to a program title will display a description of that program. If a program has the RESTART icon on it, you can watch it even though it has already aired.When you find a program you want to watch, select on the program to see the details screen. To play the program from the Details screen, select Play or Continue Watching. You may also select Restart (When available) to watch the program from the beginning, Record the program (when available) or Add Channel to Favorites. (When viewing the Guide, you can Filter by Favorite Channel-will demonstrate below.)Watch a Previously-Aired ProgramUse the Guide to navigate backwards to a list of filters, including the Catch-Up TV Guide. When you select this guide you’ll see a list of programs that have already aired but are still available for viewing. You can utilize the arrows to navigate between Catch-up T.V. VS. Live TV. Arrows remain on the left; you are in real time TV. If the arrows are on the right side, you are in the past.Show Favorite Only You have the option on the filter to select Show Favorite only (as demonstrated above). You can easily find your favorite and most watched channels on the guide.

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4When watching Live TV, you have a few additional options.Pause / Fast Forward / RewindYou also have access to these functions, Live TV, recordings, and Catch-up TV. You can also access Play Controls and other Options by pressing the left/right buttons on your remote. Once the Play Controls are open, press down to see the options menu.The pause function has a 2-hour limit; after the program is paused for 2 hours, it will automatically resume playing. Pause TV is available on all programs, whether you are watching live or have restarted a program.RestartMost programs are available to Restart, meaning they are currently in progress, but you can watch them from the beginning.Search for ProgramsFrom the Home Screen, select Search to look for something specific to watch. You can search by program title or by actor name. When you search for a program, you’ll see all available viewing options including Live TV, Catch-Up TV, and My Recordings. Select the program you want to watch to view that program. LIVE TV OPTIONS

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5From the Home screen, select My Recordings to see:• Recordings - Your library of programs that have been recorded and their expiration.• Scheduled - Any upcoming recordings (including single episodes and series). Select this option to modify settings for your recordings.• Recording Storage - How much recording capacity is available.You can find and start where you left off any device in your household that is logged into your account. All you need to do is find the content and press RESUME.To Record a Program:• Navigate to the program using the Trending Content, Guide, Live TV or Search function.• Select the program and see the Details screen.• Select Record - you will be presented with a few options including:MY RECORDINGSMy Recordings allows you to record your favorite programs so you can watch them at your convenience. Your recordings are stored in the cloud for 180 days with 100 hours built in. When your device recognizes that it is getting full it will alert to delete old recordings. Any device connected to your Beacon Broadband internet stores the same memory. Recording is limited to 4 at a time, 5 if you are watching 1.

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6How parental control works: Once Parental controls are set, the next time you go to the guide to select a program, programs whose rating are blocked will simply say “Blocked” in the guide. To view all the blocked programs, select any program that says “Blocked,” and you will prompt to enter your PIN that you created. Once you have unblocked content, it will stay that way for 4 hours. You can also override Parental Controls settings from the home screen by selecting SHOW BLOCKED CONTENT. The override lasts for 4 hours. PinAn option to set or change your 4-digit PIN.Remove DevicesHere you can manage the devices in your home that are connected to your Beacon Video account.SETTINGS• If the program is a series, you’ll see the option to Record Series; when you toggle on this option you’ll be able to select New Episodes Only.• The settings default to stop recording on time, but you can modify them to extend the recording time (this can be handy for recording live events).• When you’re satisfied with your settings, select Record to save the settings. You’ll be able to modify the settings from the My Recordings screen under Scheduled.

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7Getting comfortable with a new remote shouldn’t be a difficult thing. You can control everything right there with this Amino Remote control. Stated below is the break down of each thing you will be using on this remote. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR REMOTERemote control layout1 TV input source select2 TV/AUX power/standby3 Color navigation4 ‘A’ button5 Set-top box (STB) PVR transport6 Apps7 Navigation and OK8 Back9 Volume up and down10 Channel select and text entry11 Information12 Search13 Infra-red (IR) window14 Microphone15 STB power/standby16 ‘B’ button17 ‘C’ button18 Electronic Program Guide19 Home20 Voice control21 Channel/Page up and down22 Mute23 Subtitles/closed captions24 Last channel recall25 Low battery warning LED*Personal video recorder - only available on certain models of STBNote: Some functionality (e.g. PVR) may not be available on specific models of set-top box (STB), also functionality may vary with the TV service delivered by your service provider.

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8Have questions? Contact us. We’re local, like you: 541-254-9265 | www.beaconbroadband.comPowered by Coos-Curry Electric CooperativeIf you have to pair your remote control here is a step-by-step guide. 1. Activate batteriesTo activate the batteries before first use of the remote control, pull out the plastic tab.2. Controlling the STB (pairing the remote control)The Maxi remote control is designed to control your ST Band (optionally) your TV or auxiliary device (alternative video source). Ensure the STB is powered on, connected to a TV,and has finished its start-up procedure. Ensure your TV input source is set to display the output from the STB. During the initial setup of the STB, you will be guided through the process of pairing the remote control with the STB. The image below shows what you can expect to see on your TV screen1. Point the remote control at the STB. Do not cover the infrared (IR)window on the front of the remote control or at the front of the STB.2. Press and hold the OK key (7) and APPS key (6) simultaneously for5 seconds or until the STB power key (15) flashes twice to indicate successful pairing.3. Release both keys.4. The STB power light should be illuminated Blue. Once the pairing is successful, the pairing screen will disappear from your screen. Note: The remote is in “pairing mode” when the STB key (15) is illuminated blue. When in pairing mode, only the BACK key (8) on the remote control will work. You must press the BACK key to exit pairing mode if you wish to use any other function. 3. Controlling the TV with your Maxi remoteThe Maxi remote control for Android TV supports a”Simple Remote Setup”. This will automatically detect the brand of TV connected to your STB via HDMI. The setup wizard will guide you through the steps to confirm that the remote control is able to control certain functions on your TV (volume, mute etc.) as well as controlling your STB. The image below shows the first screen of the Simple Remote Setup wizardIf you a receive a new remote control, you can trigger the Simple Remote Setup by going to: Settings >Device Preferences > Remotes and Accessories. Select your remote control from the list on screen and choose “Simple Setup”.If the Simple Remote Wizard is not displayed or is unsuccessful, please see section 4 of this guide.